Garden Variety Haiku


Backlit finch in flight

reveals the structure of wings

I so wish to have.


Mrs. Bluebird sits

away from the nest singing

her babies to flight.


In a Dixie cup

by the sink a single seed

opens, roots and grows.


Honeybees hover

above the lavender blooms

tasting the scent first.

One thought on “Garden Variety Haiku

  1. You are getting very good at this. Is this your new form? I love the first two best: the backlit wings that make you wish for your own, and the bluebird’s farewell to the chicks that evokes your recent poem about finding a box big enough for the memories. You are growing–fast–in your ability to distill a complete image into a single, tightly disciplined phrase. I am envious. Beautiful work.

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