As should be obvious God means business

when She He They Them creates something

that heretofore did not exist.

Witness the mountains that were eons

in the making, each layer of upthrust

earth a chapter in the book of HOLY IDEAS,

with bones and time pressed between like

roses in the family Bible.

Observe the gathering of winds in great

wheels that scour sea and land with force

equal to that exerted in dividing light from

dark in a whirling dervish dance.

Behold the pippingtooth that unzips shell

and recedes within the beak on the day

after the chick kicks free.

Consider the note, the hue gathered by

ear or eye and the tasting of tongue as it

rolls these round in spit and thought til

they are pearls pushed through teeth that

yield or break into open palms.

If creation has taught anything it is this:

wise is she who waits with needle and string.


©Dana Hughes  11.2.19