A Few Haiku


bare nests in gray trees
hold fuzz from chicks pipped feathered
grown flown going gone.


robins run amid
bright blades of green drumming worms
to surface for lunch.


the eruption of
blooms on the cherry tree sing
of promise renewed.


proud labradoodle
with soft mouth carries tree limb
home for inspection.

© Dana Hughes 3.23.15

2 thoughts on “A Few Haiku

  1. Dana, the haiku are lovely. I am especially fond of #1 and #3; the imagery seems to resonate with me most there. I find the strictly defined haiku form–and syllabic verse in general–to be both challenging and invigorating–a kind of refreshing change from the less disciplined free verse that seems so popular these days. But I have to confess that I haven’t mastered it yet, so I’m not ready to put anything out there. You are braver–and more successful–at this than I am.

  2. thanks, Paul, i’m not brave at all. just getting old and tired of holding back. yesterday the labradoodle walking down the street with a tree in its mouth uncorked something, and i enjoyed the fizz that followed. so get on with it, bro!

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