The box of dolls

with Sharpie dark eyes

and frazzled hair

left behind when you

grew too tall to

play with small things

would so gladly

gather at the tiny table

for a beer instead

of tea but you must pour.


© Dana Hughes  8.15.17

One thought on “AMERICAN GIRLS

  1. Yea! Finally a new DLS Hughes poem! And it’s another of those terse little vignettes that says so much with so little. I love the central image of the dolls at the tea table, waiting for you to pour the beer. And I love the irony in growing too tall to play with small things. I wonder if we wouldn’t be better off if we spent more time with the small things. But what I finally walk away musing about it what about the frizzy-haired, Sharpie-eyed conclave waiting for their beer is distinctly “American.” Still working on that one.

    Terrific. Thanks.

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