A Valentine for Mary

It was my decision they said when

they came with wringing hands

and word of yet unspoken

but newly broken vows

sundered by a shadow

planting seed in the soil

where mine should be,

but they hoped I’d understand.

Of course of course I said

and why not take to wife

the one who had not shied

from the advance of another?

No angel came to prick my heart

and prod my thoughts or

unfold the vaunted plan.

It was my decision to keep her

alive so that after she was his

she would be mine.


© Dana Hughes 2.13.16


2 thoughts on “A Valentine for Mary

  1. How amazing, Dana! Such a reverent and mysterious and very human exploration of Joseph’s point of view. So sensitive to the ways in which we ourselves are almost always caught up in purposes larger than we can fathom.

  2. “so that after she was his / she would be mine.” Joseph as second husband. What a realistic, modern, very mundane way to view the story. And what a fascinating comment on the love of Joseph for Mary. There is the odd sort of resolve mixed with reservation here, and so little of the ego that seems so often to dominate our most intimate relationships. Thanks for this.

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